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Lawn Landscaping

Lawn Landscaping | Avalon Gardens LLC - Omaha, NE

Avalon Gardens LLC is the Omaha, NE specialist in professional lawn landscaping that can turn drab yards into islands of beauty. We have earned a reputation for our green thumb that won’t cost you much green.

At Avalon Gardens LLC, our experts are passionate about lawn landscaping and enjoy seeing the results of their work in creating the yard you had only dreamed of. With the proper care and selection of plants, your yard will be more than a focal point in the neighborhood, it also will add value to your property.

Our lawn landscaping service incorporates the bulk of what we do to promote and maintain healthy lawns and gardens. By using our expertise, we can create a new lawn or renovate one that has seen better days.

At Avalon Gardens LLC, our knowledgeable and experienced team can examine your lawn to determine any causes for its poor appearance. Then we will present you with an overview of the work that is needed along with a completely transparent, free estimate.

The process can include spraying and eliminating weeds and applying a layer of topsoil. Then we can re-seed the ground with the type of grass we know will thrive in our region.

If you decide to go another route, we can help you select the type and amount of grass sod for your yard space. We will fully prepare the ground and install the sod properly to ensure it will take root and grow.

Don’t put up with a sparse, listless lawn when you can rejuvenate it with the lawn landscaping services by the pros at Avalon Gardens LLC. Contact us today and ask about our military and volume discounts.